“Donovan Bixley writes as well as he draws, and Monkey Boy is both gloriously funny and gleefully disgusting. Young Jimmy is a powder monkey, the lowliest member of Nelson’s navy, and the indomitable hero of this rollicking ocean-going yarn. Only readers brave enough to face nausea, ghosts, monsters, bullies and sea battles should sign on for this exciting voyage in HMS Fury.”                                                            

 ––Trevor Agnew, Children’s book reviewer


MONKEY BOY is stunning hybrid – part novel, part comic, by award-winning and best-selling author/illustrator Donovan Bixley. With thrilling storytelling and gripping comic action it's sure to be a hit with boys of all ages. Check out the links below, plus scroll down for some of the true facts behind the story and the super-gross stuff that got cut out of the final book.

ABOUT MONKEY BOY Click here to watch the trailer


BELIEVE IT OR NOT Some of the true stories that inspired Monkey Boy.


GROSS STUFF Some of the more gory scenes that didn’t make it into the final book


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